GoCookware received the following unpaid consumer testimonial from Andrew Whitcomb Executive Chef. Andrew is a director at Whitsons Caterers located in Hauppauge,  Long Island, New York.

Celebrity Chef Andrew WhitcombI have used All Clad Teflon, stainless steel pans for years, but none have held  up like Moneta Pro Ceramica. After repeated high temperature fry’s, Moneta Pro shows no sign of age. Teflon usually shows signs of age within a few of use. I have owned hundreds of frying pans, sauce pans and skillets and the Teflon makes the pan unusable and needs to be thrown away. I have had
this skillet for 3 months and have cooked with it everyday. I wanted to see if the coating would hold up. I was a bit skeptical at first so I put it to the and checked closely to see any signs of wear. This Moneta Pro Ceramica skillet like an All Clad steel pan because this nonstick surfaces wears like steel. This leads you in an unexpected way. The pan, when used properly, will release it’s fond, that when you cook at high temperature the caramelized sugars will not stick to the pan. It sticks to the food, bringing your food to the next level! look forward to trying the entire line of Moneta “Pro Ceramica”

Dated: September 22, 2009

Andrew Whitcomb Executive Chef is an executive shareholder and has been with Whitsons Caterers almost since the company’s inception. As an Executive he is also the inspiration behind Andrews Catering, Whitsons catering division, responsible for creating and testing new and preparing the finest quality food for catering events, well as creating sample dishes for tasting’s and presentations. unique, eclectic culinary creations are enjoyed at events ranging from intimate to elegant banquets for thousands of guests. Andy has had the of serving such distinguished guests as former President and First Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorches, Better Midler other celebrities, at well-known venues as Lincoln Center in Manhattan the Vanderbilt estate on Long Island.”

- Andrew Whitcomb

Wanted to let you know that we have a fantastic set of cookware! We are even cooking Saturday night! The food is amazing, even carmelizing, just like Faith Willinger said!!

GoCookware service is great! I will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

- Alicia

Love these pans as they’re durable and *relatively lightweight* – I nixed the idea of Calphalon after lifting those heavy suckers and then thinking how heavy they’d be full.

My favorite piece is the Skillet but the Dutch Oven is definitely “A get that!” – it’s so versatile.

- Galit

Peter, you are just a kind and wonderful man with quality products. I wish you and your business great success. God Bless!”

- Sylvia

We have been cooking with our skillet since the moment we opened our box. They are better then the pictures.  You went out of your way to make sure we could be delivered by Friday. For those reading this testimonial, just call Peter. I have a special reason to get rid of all my pot & pans and this was the best for our family needs. The skillet is amazing. Your service excellent and very accommodating. We already recommended GoCookware and you already have two orders! Thank you, Peter!”

- Marie

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the best cookware. Everything went really well with our event so we are pleased. We had lots of positive feedback from our guests.”

- Chris

Faith Willinger Internationally reknown Author & Chef

Faith Willinger Internationally renown Author & Chef

Here is an unsolicited article from a world famous cookbook author Faith Willinger about her “Love Affair” with Monetas’ cookware in The Atlantic Food Channel…

“A few years ago, my friend Massimo Bottura (chef of Osteria Francescana in Modena, new-wave cuisine superstar, highly rated in the guides) gave me a nonstick pan. He was consulting for Moneta, an important cookware manufacturer, to design Pro, a line of pots and pans for professionals. My sample was fantastic: sturdy Teflon Platinum coating on a thick aluminum body, quick to heat, with just the right angle for flipping pasta (or anything else) over on itself, a most frequent gesture in the Italian kitchen.

I contacted Moneta and ordered Dutch ovens, two-handled skillets, fry pans, and saucepans, and got rid of all my old, mangled, mistaken purchases—Calphalon (didn’t like the weight and reactive qualities), French commercial Teflon on cast iron (too heavy, angle not right for flipping), Alessi (beautiful design but didn’t work well and got very stained), an entire set of multi-layered cookware from a friend, all accumulated over the years in my quest for perfection. I did, however, hold onto my cast iron and copper. And my most adored, perfectly engineered Alessi pasta pot, always on the stove in my kitchen.

It heats quickly and evenly, oil skids along the surface, food sears beautifully and caramelizes without sticking.

My order arrived, and I was in love. The Pro Moneta line held up better than any nonstick I’ve ever owned. But after years of constant use, the Teflon has scratched on a few pieces, and since I needed to replace them I checked out the Moneta site. And that’s how I learned about Pro Ceramica, a new line with the same shapes as Pro. Instead of Teflon there’s a nanotechnological coating made up of tiny molecules, forming a surface that’s non-porous and slick like glass, and that holds up in high heat with no toxic emissions.

I got a sample fry pan, and am in love once again. It heats quickly and evenly, oil skids along the surface, food sears beautifully and caramelizes without sticking. I fried potatoes and made Parmigiano crisps, and was impressed.

So I replaced all my scratched Pro cookware with Ceramica. It is not cheap, but my cookware is important to me, and it’s less expensive than Calphalon One, which Megan McArdle recommended in her most informative post on holiday gift giving. (I bought the Kyocera slicer on her advice and adore it.) Ceramica is sold in the U.S. by I can’t wait to try the Dutch ovens, great for slow braises and soups, and the larger fry pans, for sauce with pasta, frittate, or vegetables with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and peperoncini.”

Faith Willinger is a chef, author, and born-again Italian. She moved to Italy in 1973 and has spent over 30 years searching for the best food from the Alps to Sicily. She has no regrets about mileage or calories. FULL BIO

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- Faith Willinger